Are Christmas Cards still relevant?

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People have been sending and receiving Christmas greeting cards for a long time. This tradition started in the 1800s, when a prominent educator and patron of the arts in England, Sir Henry Cole, became exhausted from receiving and reading holiday letters. So, Sir Cole and his artist friend John Horsley came up with a 3-panel card design, for brief holiday greetings. This has evolved into what we continue to send to friends and loved ones -- Christmas cards. 

As technology advanced, it seems that Christmas card designs have become limitless. Virtual cards came into the limelight a few years ago. They were fashionable for a little while, and they saved time and money, but they just don't convey the same level of cheer as the good old Christmas cards that you can hold physically and treasure. According to the American Greeting Card Association, Americans purchase approximately 1.6 billion Christmas cards each year. Surprisingly, millennials are now the group sending the most cards and keeping this tradition alive!

At Delle Kreations, we craft beautiful, unique cards to make any occasion memorable. Visit our store to see our hand-crafted Christmas cards. Or, contact us to inquire about personalized cards. Here are two of the cards that we already have in the store. They can hold photos or gift cards. We are constantly creating and posting new designs, so please visit us often.

These beautifully designed vintage-inspired Christmas Cards are perfect for holding a photo or gift card. Handmade from repurposed and upcycled materials.

These colorful plaid patterned photo cards are embellished with a colorful winter floral design. There are several plaid patterns to choose from. 

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