Mother nature - designer and maker

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As I admire the changing colors of leaves during our walk today, I could not resist contemplating the wonder of Mother Nature, the designer and the maker, giving us all the glorious colors of Fall. Everything seems to fit perfectly. The green leaves soak up the sun and absorb carbon dioxide to supply the tree with the nutrition it needs. This process, called photosynthesis, releases oxygen which us humans, and all the animals need to breathe and live.

When the weather cools down starting in early Fall, the bright green leaves begin to change colors, to yellow, orange, then bright rusty red. All these bright colors have been there in the first place, they were just masked with the bright green pigment (chlorophyll) which is more abundant. The drop in temperature and shorter daylight triggers the change in color. The weather dictates how bright the colors would be. 

Which brings us back to my original thoughts. Is the designer plotting all this every year? Does the designer know how much joy and brightness she brings to us? Does she regret it when the leaves get shaken from the trees too soon when strong winds are sent our way?

I hope you are all getting out there (safely) and enjoying what Mother Nature has showcased for us. 


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