Who would you vote for as the Best Chef of the Family?

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I grew up in the Philippines, where we had a limited menu for day to day meals and for celebration feasts. So, just about anyone and everyone could cook the usual menu items. Back then, preparing for big feasts is no joke, with more than a dozen cooks and helpers working for a couple of days ahead of an event. In the midst of all these chefs, stood my aunt--always my favorite cook. Somehow, she had her style of cooking that made everything taste more flavorful. Was it love, or skill, or a combination of both? I am not sure, but I was always sure she would create something very tasty!


Fast forward a few decades, and my siblings are scattered all over the globe. In our rare gatherings, my oldest sister now seems to be the self-proclaimed Best Chef. She just takes over and noone dare compete. While I also manage okay in the kitchen, I'm more of a fast food cook who's rushing to get it done so we can eat! I don't like looking at recipes, or if I do, I like to modify. When it comes to making the traditional meals in the traditional way, I'm happy to take the back seat.

I assume this is how it is in every family. I did a quick online research on this, and it's not surprising that the Best Chef choice varied from family to family - sometimes grandma, sometimes mom, or dad (for grilled and roasted stuff), the sister, the brother, and sometimes even their kids! Several responses in forums indicate that the people posting seem to think they are the Best Chef.

But how is this title decided? It really depends on many factors. The type of food is an important factor - gourmet vs. barbecue, main course vs. desserts, stir fry vs. seafood gumbo. The frequency is also a factor - you mean every day cook or occasional feasts? 

Turkey dinner with trimmings, cranberry jelly, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy

Delle Kreations is interested in knowing who you pick as the Best Chef winner this holiday season. For the winner, we don't offer a throne, a crown, or a trophy. But we just made aprons with a design fit for the winning chef! Add a little fun to this year's gathering and send some love to the Best Chef of the Family!

Apron, adult size, all cotton, beige color, Voted Best Chef of the Family
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