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So, you've unboxed, connected to Design Space, and have a dozen ideas of what you want to create. Where do you start? Look no further! Design Space has plenty of ready-made projects, images, and fonts available for you. Some beginner users get carried away and drown themselves with images and fonts from external sources, then can't figure out how to use them. If you focus on what you have right there in front of you with Design Space, you'll have a more pleasurable and easier experience to begin with. If you have a Cricut Access subscription, which is optional, you'll have access to a lot more projects, images, and fonts. I find the Cricut Access subscription to be very convenient and useful, especially when I'm in a rush to get projects done. 

1) Design Space home page

This is what you see on the home page if you're using a computer:

Cricut Design Space Home Screen

And here's the view if you're using a phone or tablet:

Smart phone or tablet view of Cricut Design Space Home Screen

If you got lost along the way any time during the process, you can click on Home and it will bring you back to the Home Page. If you click on Canvas, it will bring you back to the Canvas you were last working on.

Cricut Design Space. Home

As you can see, there's so many features here, but let's just cover, for now, what you need to get started. 

2) Ready-to-Make Projects

When you scroll down the Home Screen, you'll see various categories of ready to make projects. If you have Cricut Access subscription (optional, $10/month), you will find a lot more choices, as you can see below. If you don't have subscription, you'll still see a lot of selections. Keep scrolling down the Design Space screen to see many more categories. Under each category, click VIEW ALL to see all the available designs for you to use.

When you open the project, it will ask you if you want to Customize it or Make it. If you want to make it as is, just click on Make it. If you want to put your own touch, add text, change size or colors, or add or delete part of the design, choose Customize. You will then save the modified (customized) design into the cloud (and offline, if you choose to do so). Our next blog post will focus on some common modifications.

Cricut Design Space - Ready to Use Projects

Cricut Design Space Ready to Make Projects


3) Using images

You can add images on existing design or a new Project. To add images to a new project:

Cricut Design Space - New Project

Cricut Design Space - New Project

Click on the Images icon on the left of the Home Screen. 

Cricut Design Space - Insert Image

This will open hundreds of images, even more if you have the Cricut Access subscription. You can click on a specific category, search, or Browse all Images. 

Cricut Design Space - Using Images - Browse All Images

If you Browse All Images, you can then further filter the type of image you're looking for.

Cricut Design Space - Using Images, Browse all images, Filter images

For example, if I want to use an image of a tree, type tree on the search bar, click once on the tree image you like, and click insert on the bottom right of the screen. This will insert the image into your canvas, which you can then use as is or modify as needed.

Cricut Design Space - Insert Images - Search Image - Browse Images


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